#euro2012 #groupB award for perfomance

8 Июн

#GERMANY — If Germany reaches the final Euro-2012 and can win there a victory — it is necessary to each football player on 300 thousand euros, that is 6,9 million on team. The German football union doesn’t open a detail of awarding and bonus system, but assures that the incentive at football players is rather high.

#DENMARK — In case of a victory in EURO2012 ending each of 23 football players of the official demand will receive on 350 thousand euros prize-winning, that is more than 8 million euros for team. On hearings, in the Danish football union registered perfectly stimulating system prize-winning where authors of the heads and assists will be encouraged in addition.

#NEDERLAND — In the Royal football union of the Netherlands did the utmost, that about the sum bonus, promised team for game for Euro-2012, anybody from strangers didn’t learn. On hearings, at negotiations with football players agreed on percent from that sum which will pay to the UEFA football union. Here only what this percent — it is not known.

#PORTUGAL — For a victory in the ending of Euro-2012 Cristiano Ronaldo it is necessary 260 thousand euros. Just the same awards promised also to other 22 team players. It is interesting, whether to such equality @cristiano who upon transition to «Real» insisted that in the contract a separate line wrote down very was upset, what he should get the biggest football wages in the world?


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