Архив | Август, 2012

#Arsenal Робин ван @Persie_Official to MU: deal agree…

16 Авг

Юнайтед достиг соглашения с Арсеналом по трансферу ван Перси. Сделка стоит чуть больше 20 млн.фунтов. Игрок проходит медобследование.


#Арсенал Венгер готов продать Сонга в Барсу.

13 Авг

Но только за 25млн. и впридачу требует Афелая и Кристиано Телло! 

Home alone. Calkin in NY

11 Авг

Macaulay Culkin continues to dodge rumors of drug abuse, but walking around yesterday in New York City … the «Home Alone» star appeared to be in good health. 

As TMZ first reported, a rep for Culkin called rumors he was addicted to heroin«impossibly and ridiculously fictitious.» The report also stated Culkin only had six months to live.

Culkin reportedly attended Natalie Portman’s wedding last weekend.0811_Macaulay_culkin_launch

#McKaylaMaroney, gold medalist in the team competition and silver medalist in the balance beam #London2012

9 Авг

should have competed in the floor routine with these Dougie skills Maroneydougie_original